Rigs, Simple or complex ?

A lot of thought goes into modern carp rig, some have little rings in them, some have slidey bits. All are intended to do one thing – catch carp. I have noticed in my years carp fishing ( for I have been doing this for a fair number of years) that rigs on the whole have become far more complex and I am not sure if it helps. I am certain that one of the greatest discoveries after the hair rig was the knotless knot and it is certain that it has put a lot more fish on the bank. However I am not certain if all of the other rig components that we buy really make a difference. ie

baiton rigThe above rig is just a simple SSBP pattern hook on 15lbs flurocarbon with a loop at the other end to attach to a quick link. Simple and effective.

I am sure that the really complex rig patterns that we see so have a use but to anyone considering ” what rig shall I use” you can’t go wrong with the above.

Big for the banana

Just back from the bosbaan, again fishing the banana as the main lake is closed due to the rowing, power boating etc etc

Any way CCMoore Meteor did the business again.. honestly it is the best and most consistent bait I have ever used. Fishing over a bed of Meteor pellet and 10mm boillies with 20 mm boillies on the hook to deter the bream. The crowning glory was this 24 lb almost fully scaled mirror as well as 6 others.

IMG_1082I am exhausted but happy


Well finally some successes on the Bosbaan, despite the fact that the lines are out ( and out till mid Aug) , I fished “the banana” a small canal / inlet that connects the Bosbaan to the niewermeer. As suspected the action came at night once the crowds had gone and I managed to get 2 carp out. The 1st was the biggest at an estimated weight of 18-19lbs ( I was using my stalking / small water kit and I don’t have a set of scales int here yet) and the other, a common, was estimated to be 11lbs.  Also forgot to take another bank stick or a sack so all the pics are just on the mat ( and yes I could have cleaned up the weed etc but I didn’t)


Anyway might try for perch tomorrow evening as my darling wife is out at her course.

Off Stalking

With the bosbaan out of action untill mid *August* ( I know that they have to practise for the olympics but this is taking the mickey) I am having to locate other waters, so tonight I will fish “the banana” a little bit of water that connects the bosbaan to the niewermeer. Pre baited today with CCMoore Meteor ( pellet and 15mm boillies) as well as 1kg of tigers. Tactic will be to fish 1 rod under the bridge on the baited zone and 1 rod near the island with a small bag. There has been ver little bait going in so my quick breakdown meteor pellets should be just the ticket to get the carp on the feed.

Meteor boillies

Well off to Lisbon

Fishing will have to take a back seat this week as I am off to sunny lisbon to talk about security for work, should be fun and I cant help but think to carry my fly rod as there must be some water containing fish…. hmm I have to take a hold bag so I am severely tempted.  Anyway the carp will have to wait untill I am back.

See picture site for pics when I am back.

most unintelligent birds ever ?

779px-south_island_pied_oystercatcher_2cAhh the Oyster catcher, we have a few around work ( we are blessed with plenty of wild life), however when you walk up behind “normal” birds fly off, fly to the side, fly into the trees. Oyster catchers run along directly in front of you. Never veering to the left or to the right just glancing over their wing furtively wondering why you are following them.  Is this twitter or a blog, i dont know..

Picture credit http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Snowmanradio under creative commons license

Dutch fluff chucking success

well after a little bit of practice I managed to catch my first dutch fish on my own fly tackle. It was a 4 oz perch but it is a fish and that is all that counts :o)  Please note pic below is just of me holding a perch and is not the one I caught last weekend.

A perch fron Niewermeer, the pike were shy so we swapped to perch.