Off Stalking

With the bosbaan out of action untill mid *August* ( I know that they have to practise for the olympics but this is taking the mickey) I am having to locate other waters, so tonight I will fish “the banana” a little bit of water that connects the bosbaan to the niewermeer. Pre baited today with CCMoore Meteor ( pellet and 15mm boillies) as well as 1kg of tigers. Tactic will be to fish 1 rod under the bridge on the baited zone and 1 rod near the island with a small bag. There has been ver little bait going in so my quick breakdown meteor pellets should be just the ticket to get the carp on the feed.

Meteor boillies

At last !

Back from a quick trip to Bosbaan, 4 carp 10+ bream all on ccmoore meteor + a strawberry dumbell popup fished snowman style. Put out a lot of maggots + stickmix and managed to get them on the feed. Had a lead about and discovered that all this rubbish that the Bosbaan is just flat featureless clay pit is rubbish. Yes the water is of a fairly even depth throughout but there are mussel beds, muddy patches  and other underwater features that do hold carp. I think that in stead of fishing a roving approach I will find a mussel bed, put out a marker and bait it heavily and see what happens the next time.


Weather this weekend was also strange. Superb Friday, wet and immensely cold Saturday and a lovely warm Sunday. Oh well at least there was a carp or 2 :o)


Fill it with Maggots !

Well after managing to blank last weekend I am determined to catch next weekend.¬† I have decided to use the technique known as “fill it with maggots” I have ordered 10L of maggots ( yes that is 10 Liters) for the grand sum of 55 Eur, expensive but not an impossible amount. Myself and Mick will also fish Bosbaan where there is always a chance of a take or 2. I believe that if we fish with 5L per day each we will create a feeding frenzy of epic proportions… either that or a maggot drowning incident of titanic like proportions. Oh well it will be fun fun :o)

The rigs I plan to use will be leadcore with an inline lead. I will set this up helecopter style with the inline inner rubber section chopped back. The swivel at the end of the lead core will have a Korda running lead clip attached. Through this the knot of the PVA bag will be trapped. The rig will then be hooked into the outer section of the PVA bag.

It will be either an epic catch or an epic bream catch, i know that i will be using crushed barb hooks to allow me to unhook anything in the margins if needed.