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As I don’t have any popup rigs on the site ( Apart from the chod) I thought I would chime in with my implementation of the Multi Rig, sometimes ( incorrectly ) also called the Jon Mac rig. The rig is exclusively for popups and create a very aggressive hooking angle, coupled with its ease to tie makes it one of my firm favourites. So before I witter on too long lets see what you need to make it ( Click any picture for higher resolution image) :

As you can see there is no tubing just 2 rings one of which I suggest is smaller than the other. Some people just say to use 2 of the same size but there is a method in my madness and the 2 rigs will make it far far easier.

Take your coated braid ( in this case Fox Cortex) and tie a figure of 8 loop in it with the loop being about 1.5 inches long. It needs to be fairly large and the loop should be slightly longer than the length from the hook eye to the hook shank. The rig works best ( I find) with a long shanked hook so in this case I am going to use a Fox LS hook in size 8, if you want to use an 18-20mm popup I would drop to a size 6.

Next take the loop you make earlier in the Coretex and feed the kook through it so that the hook point is towards the figure of 8 knot. This might be tough to get it through so a little trick it to take an 8 inch section of mainline thread it through the loop then feed both ends through the eye of the hook and pull then both. The rig material will come through, just be careful you don’t slip and end up in casualty with a hook embedded in your hand 🙂

Next take your 2 rings, notice how one is far far smaller than the other, and thread them on the rig as the picture above. The smaller ring goes on the hook and the larger on the loop. The smaller ring is there to act as a buffer for the rig material to give it a larger surface area when you are playing a carp so that the braid is not strained too much against the hook eye.

Next take the loop of the rig material and thread it over the point of the hook as above and….. that is pretty much it ! you only need to tie a swivel or figure of 8 loop in the other end and you now have a completed rig.

As this is a popup rig you will need some kind of counter weight. I find that the Fox sinkers work best, you can use split shot but I have a lot of trouble with them falling off in the weed or during a cast so I have eventually swapped over to this kind of arrangement for all of my pop up fishing. I prefer to “over weight” my popup’s as from the Korda underwater video’s you can see how much the water is stirred about when a carp is in feeding mode and I want my bait to stay where it is put. If a carp really wants to eat it it will just swoop down and suck it in. Take the counterweight and place it as close as you can to the knot on the other side of the hook link to the hook ( ie on the singe part of the hook link not the loop). You can also add putty if you need and I find if I do I mould it around the kwik change weight.

This is how it should sit in the water, as you can see I have tied on a popup however there are other methods available though I am not sure that a solar spiker will work due to the small diameter of the ring on the spike.

What do you think ? do you think your rigs are better ? post a comment and let me know !

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  1. Just as a quick update, despite me saying that the rig would not work with a solar spiker… it will. Tried it last weekend and it works like a charm. As soon as I can get by rig board to the mini studio there will be a pic.


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