Here are a few articles that I have written, as I write more I will update this section. Mostly they are fishing “how to” articles but there will be more. All articles are in Adobe PDF format, a free PDF reader is available here from Adobe’s website.

  • CV saftey rig – This is one of the only ways to use leadcore helicopter style safely. Basically this is an easy rig to tie and will fall apart if you crack off or otherwise loose it.
  • Basic Rigs – This article covers the initial rigs that all beginners and intermediate carpers should know. Too many people get hooked up on the latest and the greatest rigs rather than concentrating on simple effective rigs that are proven carp catchers.
  • Under Arm Casting – A forgotten art, in the age of big pit reels, 4 lb test curve rods many people never learned to underarm cast. This article tells you how to.
  • Photography – Part 1, An article i wrote to explain the basics of cameras and how to use them in a fishing sense.
  • Photography – Part 2, The second in the series listing how to actually use all of the features of your camera.

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