Fishing in Holland, an expats guide ( Part 2)

Fully scaled mirror from Bosbaan

Welcome back, to this multi part series on fishing in Holland primarily aimed at expats or visitor s to Holland. As you can see in part 1, Holland offers a rich variety of species to fish for though as stated earlier this series will focus primarily on Carp with a nod to predators such as pike and zander.  In this articles I will give a brief overview of the waters I fished, this is important to note, these are only the ones I fished or looked at… there are literally thousands of others. This brief tour will be a quick look at the places that I fished just to get you on your feet should you arrive and think “where the hell do I fish…?”

Please note that over time things change, you should always check the legal status of a lake before you fish. If I have listed a water here that is now prohibited from fishing or there has been a rule change please let me know and I will correct the article. If there is a lake that you would have expected to see but haven’t drop me a mail and I will see if I can add it.

Note that the links below go to a single post per venue, this is a limitation of WP-Geo ( awesome plugin) which only allows one google map link per post… sorry about that. Any links that show up like this ( with a line through them) , indicate content not yet written, come back later as this page is updated to also cover these venues..

Venues –  Carp

BosBaan inc the banana

Bosbaan, not the typical carp water being that it was originally dug in the 1930’s to provide employment for the many people affected by the depression. It is primarily a rowing lake however if you are a member of the Amsterdam fishing association you can fish it. Click here to go to the dedicated post regarding this lake. primary species fished for is mainly carp but there are pike and zander present. Also rumors of cat fish… more

Amsterdamse Bos

There will not large post on this lake due to a massive fish kill in the winter of 2010 however click here for the map and some other info.



Not my favourite carp water but definately a good predator water, click here for the map and other information.

Canal system around Uithoorne


Venues – Predator


See above, post is mainly predator related


Tackle shops

There are 3 main tackle shops in Amsterdam and all 3 are very good, full of useful local information and will sell you all the permits you require.

HengleSport 2000 is based in Amsterdam Oost, it has a website and can be found here Its address is

Christiaan Huygensplein 9 (vlak bij de Jaap Edenhal)
1098 PZ Amsterdam. Tel. 020-6948271/Fax 020-4630214

Click here for the google maps link

Hengelsport Amstelveen

Van der Hooplaan 151-A
1185 GB Amstelveen, Netherlands
020 6403588

Click here for a google maps link. HengleSport Amstelveen based on the Van Der Hooplaan on the 142 and 172 bus route between Amstelveen and Amsterdam.

Schwegler Hengelsport

Marktplein 3, 1421 AC Uithoorn,
+31 297 531 277

Click here for a google maps link. This one whilst based in Amstelveen is worth a visit if only to talk to Ron, the owner. If it swims he knows who caught it and where a real gold mind of info and very friendly the only tackle shop I have ever been given a beer in 🙂

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