BosBaan and the Banana

A view from the eastern end of the lake

Please note that this is part of a larger post on Fishing in Holland an Expats Guide,and covers the water called Bosbaan in Amsterdam the Netherlands. Note that when I use conventions like right and left I am referring to the north ( right) and south ( left) banks ( see google map below)

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Fishing in Holland, an expats guide ( Part 2)

Fully scaled mirror from Bosbaan

Welcome back, to this multi part series on fishing in Holland primarily aimed at expats or visitor s to Holland. As you can see in part 1, Holland offers a rich variety of species to fish for though as stated earlier this series will focus primarily on Carp with a nod to predators such as pike and zander.  In this articles I will give a brief overview of the waters I fished, this is important to note, these are only the ones I fished or looked at… there are literally thousands of others. This brief tour will be a quick look at the places that I fished just to get you on your feet should you arrive and think “where the hell do I fish…?”

Please note that over time things change, you should always check the legal status of a lake before you fish. If I have listed a water here that is now prohibited from fishing or there has been a rule change please let me know and I will correct the article. If there is a lake that you would have expected to see but haven’t drop me a mail and I will see if I can add it.
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Fishing in Holland, an expats guide ( Part 1)

Some of you who know me personally know that this year I moved back from Holland to the UK. It  was a bit of a mixed affair really. Whilst I really wanted to be in the UK ( and am glad I moved), I miss the carp and predator fishing that Holland had to offer and am struggling to find my groove in the UK fishing wise. I thought I would put up a quick post to summarise the do’s and don’ts for a visiting angler to Holland for either an expat who might be living there or a visitor. Note that as I was based up in the Amsterdam area this post will focus on that area of Holland but the advice should follow through for most places.

In this 1st article I will cover what to fish for as well as list the legal regulations that you need to adhere to in order to fish legally in Holland. In the second article I will cover tackle shops and venues to try. If you want to see more please comment or drop me a mail and I will endeavour to cover your questions as well.

Notable Fish Species in North Holland

If you are a carp angler you are in luck, virtually every piece of water contains carp from the canals to the lakes the whole country is riddled with carp lakes and ( as you will read later) it is almost all public. Yes that is right you can fish virtually everywhere. The carp range from singles to 50’s with doubles and twenties being the most common in my experience. I found that a lot of the small drainage canals contained a mix of high doubles and twenties and it was bizarre fishing some of the waters next to peoples gardens or next to a busy road.

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