BosBaan and the Banana

A view from the eastern end of the lake

Please note that this is part of a larger post on Fishing in Holland an Expats Guide,and covers the water called Bosbaan in Amsterdam the Netherlands. Note that when I use conventions like right and left I am referring to the north ( right) and south ( left) banks ( see google map below)

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Winter lure fishing

Well with the winter retreating at pace it was time for a quick session for Zander today, as I know that there are zander in Bosbaan, and even last year I found a dead decaying zander of about 1m floating around stinking up the place, they are there waiting to be caught. As today was probably going to be my last ever Dutch fishing session for quite a while I thought I would pop down to Bosbaan to have a go before the season for zander ended at the end of the month.  Bosbaan was today in glorious colour, really warm ( fleece only) and with the sun out it was a pleasure to walk around.
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Beating the ice at the Bosbaan in Amsterdam

If it looks cold - it was !

Well it is a very glad Quentyn who is back from the Bosbaan leaving 1/2 way through a 2 day session. Normally I would be annoyed about leaving half way through planned session but after the 1st night i though I would quit whilst the going was good.

Here is a tip for you, if you are packing to go fishing and you shake your cooking gas bottle and think “hmm I wonder if there is enough in there for 2 days” there is not. The meerest action of checking ensures that there is not. Now in the summer you can get away with no hot water, in the winter it could be deadly. Well you have guessed it, during the 1st night I went to make a cup of tea and found that in the cold my gas bottle was almost empty with not really even enough grunt to warm 1 kettle of water.  Lesson to be learned I feel and my thanks to Mick to popped along in the morning with a hot flask of tea which was very welcome.
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Oh to be back on the bank again

Cold and Grey….

Bosbaan can be a cold grey place at times, especially in the winter so it is with a heavy heart that I will drag myself out of bed tomorrow morning and head on over. Only joking I can hardly wait, I haven’t been on a proper carp session in months and I am itching to get out. I was meant to be out last weekend but it rained from 06:00 – 21:00 and the wimp in me won out. I consoled myself by believing that my PVA would just melt 🙂

Anyway here’s to a 2 day session on the bosbaan, which thankfully was not affected by the recent weather unlike Amsterdamse Bos which seems to have been completely wiped out.  Tactics will be small bags of ccmoore bloodworm pellet with either a Meteor popup or a small fluro pop-up. Will scale everything down to size 8’s and lower and will probably use the rather excellent Fox Illusion fluorocarbon in 15lb bs.

Here’s hoping the fish are hungry !

Successful session at Bosbaan

Just back from a successful session at the bosbaan, was meant to be a 2 day session but after catching 7 carp through the night topped by a 21lb mirror I decided to cut it short. For a weekend the baan was very quiet and even the rowers were strangely absent.

Anyway all fish were on CCmoore Meteor with a small stick of meteor and milkimin pellet complimenting the presentation,

baan-21trust me it did weigh 21, but sometimes it is the way you hold them 🙂

Big for the banana

Just back from the bosbaan, again fishing the banana as the main lake is closed due to the rowing, power boating etc etc

Any way CCMoore Meteor did the business again.. honestly it is the best and most consistent bait I have ever used. Fishing over a bed of Meteor pellet and 10mm boillies with 20 mm boillies on the hook to deter the bream. The crowning glory was this 24 lb almost fully scaled mirror as well as 6 others.

IMG_1082I am exhausted but happy


Well finally some successes on the Bosbaan, despite the fact that the lines are out ( and out till mid Aug) , I fished “the banana” a small canal / inlet that connects the Bosbaan to the niewermeer. As suspected the action came at night once the crowds had gone and I managed to get 2 carp out. The 1st was the biggest at an estimated weight of 18-19lbs ( I was using my stalking / small water kit and I don’t have a set of scales int here yet) and the other, a common, was estimated to be 11lbs.  Also forgot to take another bank stick or a sack so all the pics are just on the mat ( and yes I could have cleaned up the weed etc but I didn’t)


Anyway might try for perch tomorrow evening as my darling wife is out at her course.

Off Stalking

With the bosbaan out of action untill mid *August* ( I know that they have to practise for the olympics but this is taking the mickey) I am having to locate other waters, so tonight I will fish “the banana” a little bit of water that connects the bosbaan to the niewermeer. Pre baited today with CCMoore Meteor ( pellet and 15mm boillies) as well as 1kg of tigers. Tactic will be to fish 1 rod under the bridge on the baited zone and 1 rod near the island with a small bag. There has been ver little bait going in so my quick breakdown meteor pellets should be just the ticket to get the carp on the feed.

Meteor boillies

At last !

Back from a quick trip to Bosbaan, 4 carp 10+ bream all on ccmoore meteor + a strawberry dumbell popup fished snowman style. Put out a lot of maggots + stickmix and managed to get them on the feed. Had a lead about and discovered that all this rubbish that the Bosbaan is just flat featureless clay pit is rubbish. Yes the water is of a fairly even depth throughout but there are mussel beds, muddy patches  and other underwater features that do hold carp. I think that in stead of fishing a roving approach I will find a mussel bed, put out a marker and bait it heavily and see what happens the next time.


Weather this weekend was also strange. Superb Friday, wet and immensely cold Saturday and a lovely warm Sunday. Oh well at least there was a carp or 2 :o)


Fill it with Maggots !

Well after managing to blank last weekend I am determined to catch next weekend.  I have decided to use the technique known as “fill it with maggots” I have ordered 10L of maggots ( yes that is 10 Liters) for the grand sum of 55 Eur, expensive but not an impossible amount. Myself and Mick will also fish Bosbaan where there is always a chance of a take or 2. I believe that if we fish with 5L per day each we will create a feeding frenzy of epic proportions… either that or a maggot drowning incident of titanic like proportions. Oh well it will be fun fun :o)

The rigs I plan to use will be leadcore with an inline lead. I will set this up helecopter style with the inline inner rubber section chopped back. The swivel at the end of the lead core will have a Korda running lead clip attached. Through this the knot of the PVA bag will be trapped. The rig will then be hooked into the outer section of the PVA bag.

It will be either an epic catch or an epic bream catch, i know that i will be using crushed barb hooks to allow me to unhook anything in the margins if needed.