Winter lure fishing

Well with the winter retreating at pace it was time for a quick session for Zander today, as I know that there are zander in Bosbaan, and even last year I found a dead decaying zander of about 1m floating around stinking up the place, they are there waiting to be caught. As today was probably going to be my last ever Dutch fishing session for quite a while I thought I would pop down to Bosbaan to have a go before the season for zander ended at the end of the month.  Bosbaan was today in glorious colour, really warm ( fleece only) and with the sun out it was a pleasure to walk around.

I started off small with a little rubber shad on a 22gram jig head and started to cast it around, pausing every so often to mimic a dead or dying fish in its final moments. However it was to no avail, perhaps it was just too bright for the zander that we know are there After starting on the left under the tree ( Swim 1) in the picture above I spend 2 hours gradually walking around changing lures every so often attempting to coax a zander.

As the zander were not coming out to play I decided to swap tactics and go for perch  and to make life easier I decided to move on over to “The Banana” a small inlet on the right hand side of Bosbaan that is over looked my many of the Dutch anglers as…. you have to walk around. I kid you not as it is a 2km walk ( and to be honest my back is aching ) around to the water it is often completely empty.

The Banana, loads of over hanging trees that predators love

After a quick flick about with a rubber replicant I had my 1st customer of the day, a pike,

Only a small one at about 3 lbs and as they are out of season in Holland at the moment was put back straight from the net. Sadly this was the only action of the day and despite a lot of trying no other fish were caught. I tried big lures, I tried small lures, even down to 1 inch rubber worms that a 4oz perch can take but it was all in vain.

One small issue that popped up was when I managed to snag up a rubber worm in the far trees, when I pulled for a break I was surprised what broke :

Yes that metal tag is the remains of the jig head, I shall never buy no name ones ever again as if that had happened when a fish was on I would have been really disappointed. Anyway I leave you with a view of the swing bridge that leads into the Banana a place where last summer I had 2 20’s from in successive nights.

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