an archive of my popular content

16lb mirror carp from Easy access Lake in  Anglers Paradise Devon

I thought that i would put up a quick post with a link to PDF versions of my most popular howto articles. In the migration some of the images didn’t come over so whilst i fix it here are the articles  with the images in easy to print format.

Beginners Rigs

Under Arm casting

CV safety rig

Photography for fishing part 1

Photography for fishing part 2

Thats it for now – if there are any other instructional articles you would like to see here let me know via the contact me button at the top

A few quick updates on the site

I thought I would put up a quick post about some of the changes that have recently occurred on the site. A long time ago in a country far far away I decided to start a blog. I had a server, I had wordpress so I made it happen. Well a lot of water has flowed under the metaphorical bridge since then and just recently I made the decision to either close the blog (boo) or move it to a new host and re launch it. I chose the latter and have now moved my blog to and will start to actively blog again (yay!).

As part of the migration some of the content may not have migrated perfectly so if you see an image missing drop me a line in the “contact me” section above and I will fix it ( I have all the underlying content).

Anyway, whilst this blog started as a carp fishing blog it will be taking a different turn. My fishing had evolved whilst I may have spent 3 nights a week on the bank in the past I simply can not justify it now. I also wasn’t enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Now I prefer much more mobile much shorter session fishing.

This year I will focus on predator fishing in the winter and stalking carp and specimens in the summer. I hope you agree this will be a much more exciting and fulfilling blog where I can share much more useful experiences.

I hope you are along for the ride !

Please comment below

Where have I gone ?

Hi all


just to let you all know I haven’t gone anywhere. Just bought a house and have been travelling for work so fishing has had to take the back burner,

Will get hack on the back on the bank really soon and will be tackling the ThorneyWeir and the Mets pike with gusto this winter. I also bought a dream rod a Hardy float rod so I will be back out with the centerpin hammering some of my favourite lakes and rivers.


Please keep the comments and articles coming and I will be doing a special winter series soon covering not only fishing but how to stay warm and comfortable whilst on the bank this winter as well as some tips as to how to make the most of the short days

Stay tuned !


Its been a bit quiet recently

Sorry it has been a bit quiet recently, there has been a lot going on personally namely that I have become a parent for the 1st time ! Baby Ellie was born a few days ago and both she is Mum are doing fine. For all those people out there who are considering being a dad, do it ! it is really fulfilling and though it is early days ( and we have loads of support at the moment) I think we will be OK.

The above picture shows me with very little sleep about 5 mins after she had emerged into the world. The new regime of feeding, burping and nappy changing has started in earnest ! Whilst she will have a serious dent in my long stay carp fishing this year ( well for the 1st 6-8 weeks) I can still go for short sessions and as the winter is coming in this may be for the best.

Fishing wise whilst the articles front has been a little slow recently, fear not there are articles on :

  • Arbor knot – used to attach your line onto the spool
  • A pike fishing session report
  • Fluff chucking for coarse fish
  • The back lead article I have been working on for ages
  • Review of the Blue Sky Angling Pocket Rocket
  • Competition ( with actual prizes )

Stay tuned for the above and the 1st 2 and last 1 should be ready this week

AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Button

Dear all

I noticed that there was a an extra DNS request per page every time you navigated around the site, a quick google led me to a discussion forum hosted by wordpress themselves.

After reading the discourse here about AddToAny I am not happy about how the plugin works and have decided to pull it from the site.  After reading Futta’s blog I decided to swap over to “Sociable” which seems to have all the same functionality. As it stands I am not happy with any plugin collecting information on my readers at all even if it is only a tracking cookie without letting me know 1st.

Please share this sites articles on Facebook, stumbleupon and re tweet my tweets but I really dont want to track any of my users or allow any 3rd party to track them.

Normal service resumes 🙂 stay tuned for articles in the Multi Rig and KD rig as well as a 1st look at a new product from PB.

Guest Blogger !

Some of you may have noticed the odd comment on my blog from Jon Perkins who runs the site as Jon always has an interesting opinion I have asked him if he has any thoughts that he wanted to post here as a discussion article and to my delight Jon has agreed. So in the future look out for posts from Jon as he always has an interesting point to make and will make a valuable contribution to the site.

Welcome aboard Jon !

settling in

Well the move has now been finalized; we are here in London and settling in well. No fishing related posts as I am just waiting for BT to sort my ADSL. As soon as that is setup ( early next week) the regular flow of articles will start again. In the pipeline are articles on:
1, shrink tubing
2, reviews of the kelly kettle
3, Some new waters here in London
4, my favourite popup rig
5, Some follow-up articles on photography

If there are any articles you want to see please drop me a mail and I will do my best to get them written.

No pics in this post as I am on a GPRS dongle and it is really, really slow. Think of the slowest thing you can imagine and this internet access is slower..


Moving on,

Well as they say all things come to an end. The great Amsterdam adventure draws to a close and a new chapter will be opening in our lives back in London. The blog will remain the same and will stay up during the move as I recently transferred it to IDAQ where it has been running happily for several months. Rest assured that I have found a few lakes in the UK already and the fishing articles will start to flow once more !

Picture from CBIdesign via

WP Super-cache and error 500

Hi readers, over the weekend I decided to get all technical and install WP Super-Cache to speed up the site and make it a little less resource intensive…. thing is I didn’t check my logs, which if I had would have shown that to non logged in users you would have seen an “Error 500” rather than Oops ! If you get this after you have installed this plugin check your Apache error logs. If you see “/wp-content/cache/.htaccess: ExpiresActive not allowed here” add “AllowOverride Indexes” to your apache config. My thanks go to and their post here

let me know if you have issues

Pic from curtesy of – the place to be when not on the bank

Carp forums logo

Disclaimer – I am an admin of

It has been a while since I wrote a review of a site but as I spend so much time at I thought I would just drop  a post here to tell you all where I go  if I want to discuss carp fishing or other related topics. If it is to do with fishing, it is discussed here.

If you have not already done so pop over and create an account, we don’t bite and there is a whole wealth of information sitting over there on loads of topics. The people are friendly and the chat is lively, and unlike other forums we are not ban happy ( perhaps we have better clientele 🙂 ) and who knows you might end up talking to some one famous on the boards.

Recently there has been a section on DIY, a rig clinic and a discussion about a potential new British record carp from Mr Nash’s lake…

See you over there  get on over there you know it makes sense.