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Dear all

I noticed that there was a an extra DNS request per page every time you navigated around the site, a quick google led me to a discussion forum hosted by wordpress themselves.

After reading the discourse here about AddToAny I am not happy about how the plugin works and have decided to pull it from the site.  After reading Futta’s blog I decided to swap over to “Sociable” which seems to have all the same functionality. As it stands I am not happy with any plugin collecting information on my readers at all even if it is only a tracking cookie without letting me know 1st.

Please share this sites articles on Facebook, stumbleupon and re tweet my tweets but I really dont want to track any of my users or allow any 3rd party to track them.

Normal service resumes 🙂 stay tuned for articles in the Multi Rig and KD rig as well as a 1st look at a new product from PB.

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