New Personal Best

Just back from a superb trip to France arranged by Ron from the fishing ship in Uithorne, tired but very happy would be by comment. Went with some of the best, funniest people I have ever met. They really tried to make me feel welcome and a great time was had by all. Final tally for me was 21 carp, 2 bream and a pike and many roach and rudd ( err yes πŸ™‚ )

Any way crowning achievement for my was a new PB of 39lb’s ( UK lbs in case anyone thinks I have gone native with Dutch pounds) which was sadly taken at night ( as were 99% of all of my fish) so you can’t really see the full glory of the shots. Fish was taken on the ever reliable CCmoore Meteor tipped with a strawberry hell raiser dumbbell popup. I will post a full blog article later but for now here is the pic


5 thoughts on “New Personal Best”

  1. Nice one Q! I’m gutted I couldnt go, next time eh?
    Imo is right though, it does look more like a grimace than a grin!


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