Nash Trax All terrain Evo – 1st look

Well new fishing locations need new kit and as I had just bought myself a car I was determined to get the one thing I had always wanted.. a barrow. Following some advice from some friends I decided to pop down to Harefield Tackle and found that it was only 5 mins drive from my house. When I got there I was med by friendly staff who not only showed me some new places to fish but also showed me their barrow range.  The shop stocks barrows by Chub, Nash and Daiwa  and after checking all of them I found that the new Nash Trax ALL Terrain Evo was just the ticket.

After getting it home and setting up all my gear on it I can say that it only just fits, I was considering the smaller one and am now really glad that I didn’t and opted for the largest one they do.

I think that over time I will really get a handle on the packing of the barrow and then the load should sit a lot better.  Though I have not tried it in anger I did walk around the garden with a full load and I have to say it feels very stable. Once it is moving it appears to be easy to push and the large wheel at the front doesn’t dig into the ground at all.

The lage front wheel, that appears to be on the axle backwards on my model, really makes moving over soft grass efortless and didnt leave a mark on the lawn at all.

So only time will tell if it was worth it however 1st impressions are good. It packs down quite small and fits in the back of the car easily and all my tackle at least fits. I will post an update next week when I have had chance to try it.

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