Marker knot instructions

The Marker or Stop knot

Take your chosen marker material, I recommend Fox Magic Marker Braid as it does exactly what it says on the tin and is purpose made for this job. make a rough loop with one end longer than the other and lay it against your main line ( shown in green)

Thread the longer tag end of the marker braid through the loop and around the main line ( in green)

Whip the tag end through the loop and around the main line  3 more times ( for a 4 turn stop / marker knot)

Whilst keeping pressure on the main line ( in green) moisten the knot and pull gently tight by pulling the two tag ends of the red line. Be careful not to trap the mainline as if you do whilst tightening it you may kink and weaken the main line

And there you have it a knot that can be used as a marker knot or stop knot.

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