Pastures New ! – Looking for new fishing lakes in west London

well now that I am settled in London the 55th thing I need to do ( after just buying a car)  is find a water or 2 to fish. I think I have at last one sorted by the lovely chaps at Carp-Forums but I am always on the look out for more options. If you know of a carp syndicate that has places that would let in a refugee of the Dutch fishing circuit into their numbers can you drop me a mail via the contact me button at the top of the page or by leaving a comment to this post ? I am primarily interested in waters around the west of London / Heathrow way. I am not looking for waters that contain 40+ ( though it would be nice 🙂 ) but for a water I can relax on and just enjoy catching carp.


settling in

Well the move has now been finalized; we are here in London and settling in well. No fishing related posts as I am just waiting for BT to sort my ADSL. As soon as that is setup ( early next week) the regular flow of articles will start again. In the pipeline are articles on:
1, shrink tubing
2, reviews of the kelly kettle
3, Some new waters here in London
4, my favourite popup rig
5, Some follow-up articles on photography

If there are any articles you want to see please drop me a mail and I will do my best to get them written.

No pics in this post as I am on a GPRS dongle and it is really, really slow. Think of the slowest thing you can imagine and this internet access is slower..


New Lapdog

A visit to the land of bad food and bad weather ( London) can only mean 1 thing… new laptop. Was thinking about replacing my ailing EEEPC 701 for a while and after a mail on a certain mailing list I decided to go for a Samsung NC10. Really happy, it is the sub-notebook I always wanted and all for £335 on Tottenham Court Road.

TCR is really quiet at the moment, you can really see that the economic slow down is starting to bite.. the shops are empty with staff just hanging around. Not that there are spectacular bargains to be had as they don’t seem to be interested. Oh well their loss.