tying popups on to rigs

I know that I said that I hated tying pop-ups onto rigs for chod rigs etc but I have had a change of heart. No I am not about to knock spikers but i have seen another way that actually seems to work. In the past I was always shown that the way to attach popups ( when using floss) was to use a complicated knot based on a grinner which worked about 50% of the time and was a nightmare to tie when you were tired or it was dark or it was cold, or in fact any time that was not at home, in the warm with good lighting.

That has now changed. There is finally an easy want to tie on a a popup using floss ! By the way I must confess that I didn’t think up this idea, it was in the latest issue of Carpology magazine the best “howto” magazine for carp fishing on sale at the moment. So how do you do it ?

Take off about 6-8 inches of floss, I am using Fox yellow bait floss as it is easy to see and in my personal opinion I wouldn’t bother matching floss colour to bait anyway ( especially if you are using bring fluro popups ). Make sure that you use either genuine bait floss or unscented dental floss unless you think carp like the taste of mint 🙂 As bait floss is not that expensive anyway I would just go with the standard floss from a reputable tackle manufacturer.

Now tie a simple overhand loop ( note not a figure of 8 loop) in the bait floss and ensure that the loop created is large enough for your popup. Don’t trim the tag ends ( they are needed in a minute) and place your pop up in the middle of the loop

Take the tag ends of the floss and pull them tight, the knot will slip ( now do you see why you shouldn’t use overhand loops ?)  and the loop will tighten around the boilie. Now that is a pretty neat trick, to use one of the less desirable features of the over hand loop to help in another process. Note that you don’t need to tighten it too far, you just want a small “dent” in the boilie all the way round rather than the floss cutting into the skin of the bait.

Next take your chosen rig, in this case a MultiRig,

and thread one of the tag ends though the rig ring ( now do you see why I told you not to trim them ? )

Now tie another overhand loop in the 2 tag ends ( click the pic above for a larger image) and pull them tight. Trim off the excess tags and voila ! you are done

A non nonsense non slip way of attaching a popup using floss and it can be tied in the dark, with cold hands after just catching a PB. Finally a use for floss after many years of using spikers ( which I still really rate) there is another way

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  1. Thanks for this. I have had real problems with baits falling off etc. I will try this on a chod this week.


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