Do anglers have small rods ?

A friend of mine pointed me to the latest Peta rubbish to grace the Internet. They started off with Sea Kittens and migrated to attacking the sexual prowess of  freshwater anglers directly in the UK. Considering that Angling is the largest participation sport in the UK I am amazed that the loons have taken this long to refocus their attentions. Anyway i thought I would post it here just for your amusement and if nothing else  I will get plenty of use for stickers / images like this

When a mate has just bought a new set of rods 🙂

Me ? My latest rod is a 9 ft Fox Aquos stalking rod, not over compensating at all 🙂 in all seriousness it does concern me that people seem to miss the massive amount of benefit that anglers bring to the UK countryside. If it were not for anglers I suspect that there would be significantly less biodiversity as many lakes are stocked for angling that then brings in the other species. Angling lakes and rivers are a haven for all kinds of wild life, wild life that would not exist if the anglers were not pumping money into them.

Anyway just in case you are itching to donate to someone, for gods sake don’t donate to peta, donate to ECHO or the Angling trust instead and do something for the forces of good.

2 thoughts on “Do anglers have small rods ?”

  1. They make me wanna vomit! Quite ironic though that PETA is a uselesss anagram of something really worthwhile….PATE mmmmmmmm. Nice on a bit of toast, well buttered please.


  2. Just clicked on your link to peta above, not that I was gonna leave any comments you understand 🙂 …….nearly wet myself! Good work, made me quite hungry.


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