Oh to be back on the bank again

Cold and Grey….

Bosbaan can be a cold grey place at times, especially in the winter so it is with a heavy heart that I will drag myself out of bed tomorrow morning and head on over. Only joking I can hardly wait, I haven’t been on a proper carp session in months and I am itching to get out. I was meant to be out last weekend but it rained from 06:00 – 21:00 and the wimp in me won out. I consoled myself by believing that my PVA would just melt 🙂

Anyway here’s to a 2 day session on the bosbaan, which thankfully was not affected by the recent weather unlike Amsterdamse Bos which seems to have been completely wiped out.  Tactics will be small bags of ccmoore bloodworm pellet with either a Meteor popup or a small fluro pop-up. Will scale everything down to size 8’s and lower and will probably use the rather excellent Fox Illusion fluorocarbon in 15lb bs.

Here’s hoping the fish are hungry !

Flurocarbon rigs – the ultimate in simplicity

Fluorocarbon, when it was first released to the angling community several years ago it suffered from many issues namely that it was brittle and super stiff. The brittleness was resolved but the stiffness remained. Recently Fox released their new product, Illusion soft fluorocarbon and i am pleased to say that stiffness in fluorocarbon hook links is a thing of the past. The hook link is softer and more supple and like all fluorocarbons is practically invisible in water as it is a refractive index close to that of water. Some anglers mistakenly fish with red coloured lines believing that as red is the first colour to disappear the deeper you go that their red lines are therefore “invisible”, the anglers who know a thing or two use fluorocarbon as it truly is invisible.

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