Do anglers have small rods ?

A friend of mine pointed me to the latest Peta rubbish to grace the Internet. They started off with Sea Kittens and migrated to attacking the sexual prowess of  freshwater anglers directly in the UK. Considering that Angling is the largest participation sport in the UK I am amazed that the loons have taken this long to refocus their attentions. Anyway i thought I would post it here just for your amusement and if nothing else  I will get plenty of use for stickers / images like this

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The Black Mirror – Dead

Reports are coming in that “the Black Mirror” from Colnemere near Heathrow is dead, not only is one of the prettiest carp ever to grace the bank dead but also the hardest to catch given that she now lives in an SSSI with no fishing rights. The carp has not been a frequent visitor to the bank and after Jason Hayward caught it in 1992 the lake has been more heavily protected as it has now been further protected and made an SPA, ie fishing the mere for the last few years has been illegal ( adding to the cachet to some to capturing the fish) In the words of Jason Heyward the 1st person to catch the fish ( and legally please note)

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And now for a short photography article

I thought i would swap it around a little today to post some of my favourite photography links. Photography is vital in carp fishing ( and to specimen hunting in general) matchmen generally only take a picture if they win, specimen hunters take far far more. with this in mind I though I would point out some of the places on the net that I use to help me with my photography both for fishing and for holiday photos. 1st up we have and their rather spectacular 100 Photography Tutorials
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RIP Two Tone – A tribute

Two tone the current british record carp is deadWell it is rest in peace Two Tone, the current British record carp. The carp that I had the ticket to catch in my youth but never really bothered with the lake. The carp that I was told about the week it popped up as a potential British record. The carp that lived in a small lake that was just at the bottom of my schools playing fields.  Not got the link to official news but I have it from too many sources that it turned up dead this weekend at Conningbrook lake.
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The thorney weir social

Well this was meant to be the post on the social however as no one else turned up this is the limit of the post. If you are going to say you will be somewhere – be there. Will put together a longer post when I am back in front of a pc.

OK now back in front of a PC, well the weekend was a nice relaxing weekend not interrupted by any carp action. One of the bailiffs wander around to check tickets and indicated that some people around the lake were having a few out. To the best of my knowledge there were at least 2 twenties out and 10+ doubles. My only fish was a 9-8lb tench which come to think of it was probably a PB so should have been weighed and photographed.
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Anglers Paradise Summer 2010

Anglers Paradise, what more can be said that has not been already ? the only venue that has starred in match fishing programs, specimen carp programs and in a plethora of publications. The place is legendary, and as my wife wanted to go down to Cornwall to see The Eden Project, I thought I would combine a few days down there. The lake complex is located near Halwill Junction in Devon and your TomTom will direct you to the entrance gate.
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