And now for a short photography article

I thought i would swap it around a little today to post some of my favourite photography links. Photography is vital in carp fishing ( and to specimen hunting in general) matchmen generally only take a picture if they win, specimen hunters take far far more. with this in mind I though I would point out some of the places on the net that I use to help me with my photography both for fishing and for holiday photos. 1st up we have and their rather spectacular 100 Photography Tutorials

This articles covers everything from photo composition to how to shoot macro and everything in between.  This is not a site that you visit once and never again, the depth of the tutorials and range ensures that you will be visiting time and time again. Definitely worth a bookmark as essentially it links over to many other blogs ( not this one sadly 🙂 ) covering many areas that are critical to fishing photography such as lighting, low light photography and how to read the histogram.

Another place that you can get loads of information is DPreview. Dpreview is the grand daddy site that has existed for ages and has thriving forums, now owned by it continues to be one of the best review sites out there with its famous in depth no holds barred reviews.Check out the beginners forum and bear in mind that the people there are photographers for photography’s sake so some of them are camera geeks ( just like we are all fishing geeks and some of us are both)

I could create a massive post detailing all of the places that you could go to for help as there are quite literally thousands of them on the net however I will pause at this point and also draw attention to my won photography guides that I have PDF”s here so that you can print them and take them with you when you go fishing to digest on the bank.

The 1st covers basics of cameras and how to use them in a fishing sense can can be downloaded here and the second covers how to actually use all of the features of your camera and can be downloaded here. Both of these articles have appeared in ECHO magazine and I urge you to join ECHO as this this only a flavour of the types of articles that they have in their quarterly magazine. Honestly the 20 pound subscription is worth it just for the magazine.

There is also an articles archive that can be accessed by clicking the “articles” button at the top of this page. Let me know if you want to see any other articles or areas you would like to see me cover. I do read and respond to all emails and messages and you can contact me with either the “contact me” button at the top of the page or by leaving a comment below.

Anyway I leave you with one of my favourite images, nothing to do with fishing but a picture I took a few years ago in Petra, Jordan just after dawn.

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