Now you have no excuse not to be able to charge your mobile whilst fishing

Hot from comes the ‘Bat Hook

Basically you sling the device above over a handy power line and voila, electricity flows. The hook slips over the line and the razor blade makes contact with the copper line underneath ( then again power lines are not shielded so it is probably to scrape through crud), one imagines that there is a step down converter in the package somewhere else you will feel a slight “buzz” the 1st time you use it…. though only for a tenth of a second before you become a human light bulb.

Apparently designed for the US military but we know that as carp anglers we need one. Come on Korda and Fox you know what is needed now get to work 🙂 There are plenty of swims that are blighted by power lines. Now they are gifted with free electricity 🙂 Those swims on Abbey Lakes with the over head lines cracking all the time will be come popular as people realise that they have a free charge for their phone.

By the way whilst the device is real, check out the link above, my post is satire. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO THROW ANYTHING OVER A POWERLINE it will end in very brief tears as your stupidity becomes a warning to others.

Check out the Youtube video

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