Piking on Thorney / Carping on the Lizard complex

Just a quick post update about 2 sessions on the Thorney-Weir and Lizard complexes. One was for pike and was a blank and one for carp ( which was also a blank) but strangely the largest pike came on the carp session… sadly not to us but it was a fine picture all the same and shows that there are big pike in Lizard 2 ( see later).

Anyway the plan for session 1, was to see if the area where I caught the pike the week before contained anymore large pike. We thought that as larger pike come to dead baits we would try the new Fox International dead bait kebab rigs as even a carp angler like me could work them out. Whilst we didn’t catch the fox kebab rigs certainly looked the part and I have no doubts that if there was a pike around we would have had one. After a few hours set up we decided to move around the lake and stay mobile. I have to say that the kebab rigs cast like bullets and there is none of the tying the bait on that can often be needed with conventional rigs. Definitely a keeper and we will be using them again.

As as an aside I thought I would show you the pic of the bridge I fell off a few weeks ago and hurt my back ( now fully repaired thankfully)

Click pic for larger, yes I attempted to talk over that with a rod in one hand and a full ruck sack on my back. There are times when you start to hear a monologue in your head as you do something. this time it was Michael Berk from the program 999 ( showing my age) . Never again, kids if you see a bridge like that and it is really really cold don’t, you will drown and no one will find you for weeks.

Anyway despite lure fishing the Colne river and Thorney weir main lake after we abandoned dead baits no pike were forthcoming. Shame really as we really gave it a good crack but we both enjoyed ourselves never the less.

I just want to leave you with a picture from this weekend, not that it was my fish but on the 1st carp session of the year 2011 we managed to witness a new pike lake record for Lizard 2. We only saw 1 carp landed ( scraper double) but it was a fun if cold day and was good to get the carp tackle out again after months in the shed.

Taken by the bailiff on a live bait, may have to seriously consider dead baiting down there for them ( the lake gets a little too full for lure fishing) as they are there and are big.

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  1. you are not aloud lures of any kind on lake 1 or two and you are not aloud livebait unless you are a baliff. strickly dead seabaits only.


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