Brett Island in the spring

Well just back from a 2 day blank on the Mets where I had my very own island for the weekend. The only other place where you can get a private  island with 2 swims for the price of a season ticket to the Thorney Weir / Mets complex ? yep it is Necker island, and it is a little bit pricier but the weather is better 🙂 Anyway I decided to ensconce myself on the island as it gave me perfect access to the lightning tree.

Last year in the early season myself and Jon climbed what is left of the tree to look in the massive snag it has caused, and lo and behold there were at least 3 fish present ( bit hard to see but they are there) . Due to this I decided that it probably was my best chance for a fish this early on in the season and what with a South Westerly blowing through it all looked to be perfect.

The swim was a little tight and if my bivvy was any bigger it definitely would not have fitted. Note the lack of a winter skin, though I own the winter skin I generally don’t bother using it but this weekend it was raining inside the bivvy as well as out side. Next time I will bring it regardless, not much fun with condensation dripping on your head 🙂

Rig wise I decided to keep it simple with a blow back rig and a critically balanced bait. Bait was either Nashbait Amber Strawberry or TuttiFruity with a 1/2 Northern Special pop up from CCMoore. Baits were presented with a small bag of chopped up boilies, this was definitely not a heavy baiting session.

Sadly it was not to be, apart from a juvenile swan ripping through the swim at 3am there was no sign of anything let a lone a  carp. Hearteningly the bloke next to me did manage to get a take which was sadly lost at 09:00 which at least shows that they were feeding and catch able. Next time I will have my 1st Mets lake carp on the bank and on the blog.

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