you think you can cast a fly ?

To all those carp anglers who boast about 200 yard casts… try with a fly rod ?

I came across this video today showing Steve Rajeff casting a fly line over 120 foot with an obstruction behind him… I am amazed, simply amazed. Like all masters of their art he makes it seem all too easy. To all coarse anglers, next time you get a chance to have a go with a fly rod, give it a try. You will get such a sense of achievement in just getting the fly vaguely where you wanted it, catching becomes a secondary goal

The video curtesy of you tube

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Flyfishing Ruislip Lido

You know when there are lakes right on your door step that you never fish ? you know those ones that you look back at years later and think “damn” wish I had fished that one – could have done as well…. Conningbrook was like that for me in my youth, I had the ticket, I lived right round the corner and yet it never appealed despite the last 3 british record carp coming out of there ( albeit the same fish – Twotone) . Well I live around the corner from Ruislip Lido and as it was so close I decided to give it a go. My wife wanted to go for a walk as the summer evening was glorious with all of the birds, squirrels and insects in full bloom so I suggested that I should bring a rod…. just in case 🙂


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There are some times that I doubt myself for fishing. Blanking for a week in France was one of those times. Then there are times when you go out, do not really catch a lot but have a superb time. Last weekend was one of those times. In the last few months I have really grown to love fly fishing, some call it elitist, for people stuck in the wrong age, for people who do not know what a fixed spool reel is…. well some of this is right… what it really is, for me at least, is manna for the soul. The sound a fly line makes as it whistles through the air and then alights on the water as gently as a damsel fly.. Then you stand there wondering what the last 5 casts didn’t do that 🙂 wondering why you have been thrashing the water to a foam only to have 1 cast go perfectly. Oh well that is fishing. If you are interested in guided fishing in Northern Ireland, give Packie Trotter a call on +44 7821538548  I have used several times, he is a real gent and I am yet to blank.


Oh and by the way those waders do make your arse look huge….

Dutch fluff chucking success

well after a little bit of practice I managed to catch my first dutch fish on my own fly tackle. It was a 4 oz perch but it is a fish and that is all that counts :o)  Please note pic below is just of me holding a perch and is not the one I caught last weekend.

A perch fron Niewermeer, the pike were shy so we swapped to perch.

Fluff Chucking

Well they say a change is a good as a rest.. so I decided to try fly fishing ! Not really ever done it apart from a few times at school and wow it is hard. My lovely wife managed to arrange a gentleman ( Patrick Trotter) in in Maguires Bridge in Northern Ireland to give me some training on the Colebrooke River.  If you are in Northern Ireland and want some tuition / guiding for a day he is the man. After 15 mins he had me casting well enough to be able to tackle a small river and boy was it fun. If you want to get in contact drop me a mail and I will pass on your details.

If you are getting jaded with your carp fishing, give it a go. Even the casting is really really hard. I consider myself a competent caster with a lure rod but a fly rod is a complely different kettle of fish.

Oh and by the way, all this rubbish about fly fishing being an elitist sport, well I couldnt have been made to feel more welcome and I even managed to catch a fish on the dry fly as well.

If you want to experinece some of the best wild trout fishing N Ireland has to offer give Packie a call on +44 7821538548 and he will sort you out.