Fishing live bait in the Netherlands ?

A roach

As I have a lot of readers from the Netherlands ( and I have written a section on the expats guide in the rules in NL) I thought I would make you all aware of a tweet by Hsfvissen ( re tweeted by Pikemasterlures ) where they stated,

“Boete vissen met levendaas verdubbeld!” ie the fine for fishing with live bait ( which is illegal in the Netherlands) has now doubled. Going to the referenced page ( Google translate, Original )  I can now see that the fine for fishing with live bait in NL is now 180 Eur ( up from 90) per offence. Considering that I have seen *a lot* of anglers live baiting in NL if the police really wanted to they could crack down and crack down hard… In fact some shops over there have large tanks outside selling…. live bait.

The moral of this story, follow the local rules else your holiday might be a very expensive one. Remember that the fine for fishing 3 rods in a 2 rod water is larger at 230 Eur