Attaching your line to your reel, the Arbor knot

Well this is the 1st post after quite a while and as it has been a while I thought I would start with another “How to” and this time on a knot that you use so infrequently many anglers forget how to tie it. The knot I am referring to is of course the Arbor knot. As it stands the only use for it is to attach the main line to the spool ( it is not load bearing)  but don’t let that put you off.  It is quick and easy to tie and packs down nice and small. Some anglers use a load of granny knots or even tape but this knot is far far better as it is small, quick and will not affect your line at all ( unlike tape).

So lets see how to tie it ( click any picture to make it larger) .

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New reels… who says getting older is a drag

thanks to my lovely wife, I now have a brand new set of Fox Stratos FS 12000e’s to play with.. not my birthday yet but wow are they smooth. Going to go to the tackle shop tomorrow to get line put on ( they can take 450M each) as I cant be bothered to wind in 1.5 km of line.


I love birthdays for once you get to just receive presents rather then have to also buy them.