Remember your License

Just a quick post to remind you all in the UK that your rod license will expire at the end of the month. Go here to get a new one sorted out and remember that if you fish 3 rods you need 2 licenses.You can also get your license at the post office or by calling 0844 800 5386 there is no excuse for not having one.

Considering that it is a criminal offence to fish with out a rod license, do you really want to take a chance for the sake of £27 ? Remember that whilst some of you might not exactly agree with the EA, they really do do lots of benefit to the nations rivers and if there is a disaster they will respond. Get your license now and secure the future of our sport.

If you are a river fisherman also remember that your season expires in 10 days time ( so I will be seeing you all on the lakes then 🙂 )