Boilies are not the answer

Like many carp anglers I have gotten blinkered into believing that boilies are the only way, I have even written reviews of boilies here and pretty much all of my carp have been on boilies for the past few years. However all that is going to change as of now…. well last week.

Last week I was fishing a small commercial where I was told that the approach should be “anything but boilies” and having blanked there before on boilies I could well believe them. So being a boillie angler what else was there to use. In the past when I was a kid I used to use luncheon meat all the time however I remember that it was a real nightmare keeping it on the hook so I found myself looking for something else.

The answer I was looking for lay in Fox Arma Mesh. For those of you who have used funnel web PVA the concept is exactly the same however, instead of using PVA it is a fine plastic mesh which was originally designed to stop unwanted fish from making a meal of your boilies and other bait. However, a far better use is to use it to hold soft baits together so that they can be hair rigged. To use it you form a stick exactly the same as if you were making a PVA stick ( but smaller), once the mini stick is made you can just hair rig it as normal ie:

The above shows a bread nugget that has been dipped in CCmoore strawberry cream bait dip with a small bag of pellets. Note that by using a neutral bait like bread you can then dip the bread in a range of flavours or oils to make a totally unique bait.

So what else apart from bread, can be put in arma mesh ? well whilst I have not caught on anything other than bread ( as I have used it the most) you can also make baits with

  • Worms – no longer having them crawl up the rig – perfect every time
  • Maggots – they will eventually crawl out so recast frequently
  • Sweet corn
  • Pellets
  • Tuna
  • Paste
  • Sardines / pilchards
  • Raw meat / mince
  • Prawns
  • etc

Basically anything that will fit in the tube and can be compressed is now a potential bait, you are only limited by your imagination. For the the proof look below below

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