It is not the size that matters

Sometimes it is not the size that matters but sometimes the method of capture. I had wanted to catch a double figure carp on my Bruce and Walker Mk4 ever since I purchased it and now that I have a full set of Andrew Field floats I had just the chance. I quick trip down to a small commercial near where I live and 1st cast landed this beauty. She pulled the scales fown to 11lb once the sling was taken off and was well deserved.

Bait… well nothing at all. I was just testing the float at my feet to get the correct shotting on the float and the hook picked up a ball of chod from the bottom. Carp grabbed the chod ( and my hook) when I dropped it back in the water.

Cheapest bait known to man, random piece of leaf on the bottom.

I would just like to state for the record that carp caught on a center pin should count for double, certainly the fight was *exciting* and I felt like my arm was being ripped from its socket at multiple points.

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