the return of bread

following my previous post about using fox arma mesh to fish with a whole load of new / old baits I thought I would give a quick update from this weekend. This weekends session on Thorney Weir whilst a blank was interesting as it did prove a point in that you can fish bread in Arma Mesh and get it to last over night. Gone are the days that you would have to re cast every 30 mins if you had bread on the hook. Gone also is the notion that you can’t fish bread at distance. I put a 3oz lead well in excess of 100 yards and the meshed bread was perfectly fine.

Some of the bread pellets looked a little muddy as I was experimenting with meshed lob worms… not recommended the worms crawl out eventually 🙂 Anyway once you have meshed the bread you can then treat them just like boilies and hair rig them as normal. One tip here, use a stiff hair ( fluorocarbon etc) as with my starting rig (a blowback rig) I was finding that as nuisance fish messed with the bait they would often tangle the mesh on the hook. Swapping to a fluorocarbon hook link seemed to resolve this perfectly and kept the tangles at bay.

Another tactic you can use to boost the attraction is to clug them, yes your standard boilie glugs will also work here. I would suggest to go with a food based glug and definitely not one that is too strong as the bread will soak up the liquid really well meaning that after hours in the water the smell of the glug is still discernible.

The glug above was 50 / 50 CCmoore liquid liver mixed with meteor bait glug. Whilst I didn’t catch ( the whole lake blanked the night I did)  it seemed to smell really meaty and just right. I would be worried to use too strong a glug in case it put the fish off. For those of you doubting the technique I present to you this carp caught from a different lake stalked from the margins with arma meshed bread


Have you played around with the techniques described here ? did they work for you ? let me know with the contact me button above or post a comment.

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