Beginners – is this what we have come to ?

Just back from a 2 day camping trip by the lake, so tranquil that it is not interrupted by a carp….  😦  Oh well

Anyway, there were some guys in the next swim to me who had just started carp fishing 1 month ago. They were asking loads of questions and me being me I had no probs in sitting there and running through different rigs etc why to use back leads how to fish silt. We sit there chatting for a while in “the Q’s carp clinic”  😀  and one of them says he needs to recast. The kit they have looks like handme downs but perfectly up to the job, if a bit missmatched in my tackle tart eyes. What did amaze me is that in stead of recasting the guy gets his bait boat out and drives the rig about 70 yards…. I asked them why they had a bait boat and they just thought it was what carp anglers use….

I have no problems with bait boats ( mine is on order and here in May) but I would have spent the money on an unhooking mat, reels with a bait runner and end tackle before buying a boat.

Oh well is this what we have turned into ?

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