Robson Green

I don’t know if many of you have seen the program ” extreme fishing” with Robson Green on 5 ? well I will save you the hassle. The program is rubbish showing an incredibly inexperienced fisherman ham fistedly killing his way around the globe. To make matters worse he recently ( on BBC Breakfast ) stated that he “didn’t see the point of returning fish as 9 out of 10 of them die when released back”. This is rubbish and more importantly, dangerous rubbish. 9 out of 10 fish do not die after being released back if they did then fisheries would be decimated. By spouting this idiocy and the BBC by going him a platform from which to misinform the public, they are creating the impression that anglers kill a huge amount of what they catch.

What an idiot and more importantly what a dangerous idiot.  If you saw it and you feel as strongly as I do register your displeasure with the BBC here remember that the person reading the complaint is in no way connected to the program so be polite and to the point.

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