Multi rig with a Solar Spiker

As I described here, and here, I dislike tying popup’s on to rig rigs for d-rigs. It is fiddly and really wastes valuable time. Anyway since I discovered Solar Spikers I have not looked back. In a recent post I showed the Multi rig and for some reason I tied it with a rig ring… well here is a brief update showing a finished rig tied with a solar spiker. Quick easy and effective

Here is the rig with no bait to show how it all goes together

To make it you follow the instructions in the main Multi Rig article, but slip on a solar spiker instead of the larger rig rig. I have tied the rig with Fox Coretex in 15lbs BS and the spiker seems to have a large enough diameter ring on the end to move freely.

And here is a pic of the finished item( click images for larger sizes)

Why not comment ? do you tie your differently ? do you have a better way share your opinion below

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