The Pike season is upon us

What can be said about this year… well I moved country, and I moved lakes and err I didn’t move the world fish wise. My grand total so far for carp this year in the UK stands at….1 I really cant be accused of not putting in the hours either. I worked out that I spent 20+ nights at Thorney Weir this year for a big fat zero. I lost 1 carp in the weed when an ESP raptor opened up on me and that has been my lot. I have had some big ( and I mean doubles or close to double) figure bream and tench this year but on 3lb TC rods they are not the same. By the way if you are a specimen bream or tench fisherman you really need to get yourself over there, they are virtually untargeted.  I think I might put in some effort somewhere else next year, Thorney is nice and I would recommend it however I just couldn’t get into my stride there. In the 20+ days I have just realised that not only did I not catch anything I haven’t even seen a fish on the bank. Sure I have seen wet slings and mats but so far I have not seen a Thorney Weir fish on the bank at all. So next year I may start to use some of the other tickets I have and really put in some time on Harefield pit 1 or the Watford Piscators complex and then come back to thorney for a campaign in late October 2011.

The above pic pretty much summs up this year, loads of time spent on the bank and nothing at all to show for it. Time for a change.

Small jack pike from 2009

Well October is here and the evenings are drawing to a close. Normally October is my favourite month for carp fishing however due to personal reasons ( baby on way) I will not be able to night fish at all for pretty much the whole of the year. Little bit annoying as I have a serious quantity of CCmoore that will go to waste but hey ho,  that is life. Due to this I have decided to start the yearly pike season a little earlier. Normally I would reserve pike for the coldest January and February months however due to the fact that I tend to pike fish with lures and only tend to fish for a few hours at a time with a new baby on the way pike fishing is probably the best way forwards.

Watch this space for (hopefully ) results as both Thorneyweir, the Mets and ruislip Lido all contain a large amount of pike that are now 100% on my target list. And whilst I am pike fishing I will also be learning about the waters and able to hit the 2011 season running.

Whilst I am waiting to get the 1st session how about a link to a page of my favourite pike lures,  rubber shads ?

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    1. Luke, its strange that in the UK we wait till October. In Holland the start of the pike season can be August the 1st ( when you are allowed to fish with lures again) and I have not seen any issues over there ( I have with Zander however in the boiling sun)


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