The Site is 1 year old !

Well the site is over 1 year old, little did I know what the year would bring. From the highs to the lows and almost everything in between it has all been posted here. Over the year I have tried to keep the site active with mostly fishing related content with How-To articles covering everything from carp rigs to zander shads.  Rig wise I have covered the advanced to the simple, hopefully enabling people to catch a few extra fish along the way. Anyway if you read this blog, let me know what you think, either post a comment on this ( or any other story)  or drop me an email at the “contact me” button on the top.

Here’s to the next 12 months of the site !

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Interesting Carp Blog time again

Well it is about that time that I post about another interesting carp blog, this time one about a Brit carp fishing a long way from home. Niblet’s blog at is a blog written about a UK carp angler fishing in Australia. Remember that in Australia carp are considered vermin and an invasive species so it probably is not the easiest species to specialise in there. My hat goes off to him for persevering in difficult conditions to catch carp and have fun. Anyway check out his blog at which appears to be frequently updated and in the current winter in Europe it is nice to see pics with the sun shining down 🙂 makes a difference to Bosbaan .