Interesting Carp Blog time again

Well it is about that time that I post about another interesting carp blog, this time one about a Brit carp fishing a long way from home. Niblet’s blog at is a blog written about a UK carp angler fishing in Australia. Remember that in Australia carp are considered vermin and an invasive species so it probably is not the easiest species to specialise in there. My hat goes off to him for persevering in difficult conditions to catch carp and have fun. Anyway check out his blog at which appears to be frequently updated and in the current winter in Europe it is nice to see pics with the sun shining down 🙂 makes a difference to Bosbaan .

2 thoughts on “Interesting Carp Blog time again”

  1. Hi Quentyn,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I really like your blog, you have done a fantastic job with it and have some awesome photos. I particularly like your technical pieces, as this is something my blog severely lacks. Carp fishing in Australia tends to make you a bit lazy in this department, as all the fish are uneducated and can be caught on the simplest of rigs and methods.

    Having said that, I’d better study up on some of your rig making ideas as I’m a bit behind with it all. As I desperately need to brush up of a few of the newer rigs in vogue these days for my prep for the World Carp Classic later this year. Yes, hard to believe an Aussie team will be at Lac de Madine in France! Oh well, at least we’ll have the best BBQ!

    Happy hippo hunting



  2. Hi Andy

    Thank you for your kinds words, re rigs I hear you. I was fishing a water the other day that is meant to be an easy “runs” water. Most people don’t bother with their rigs ( and I have seen some terrible ones used here) but I have found that using the right bait, and the right rig makes the difference between a “good” day and a superb day. For example last weekend I had 5 carp to 18.5 lbs when the 3 guys next to me blanked. Now I doubt it was swim location, I suspect bait and rig had everything to do with it as one of the carp I caught was pooing out the bait that one of the 3 was using…

    Good luck in France, I will be rooting for the Aussies ! ( then again I have just remembered that that means something slightly different in Australia 🙂 )


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