Eating on the bank – follow the astronauts example

What we all dream of eating on the bank

For years when anglers have eaten on the bank they have been reduced to “Anything that fits in a frying pan or cant crawl out of one” or anything that has “pot noodle” on the outside. Both are perfectly acceptable food stuffs ( well apart from “nice and spicy” pot noodles…) but they suffer from either not being complete meals or needing to be stored  carefully. I am sure that I am not the only one who on a multi night fishing trip has decided to push some food stuffs expiry date to the limit Diarrhea is nasty when you are near a porcelain loo, a disaster if you are out on the bank.

Due to this many anglers stick to frying food as you can heat it till even the most nasty of bacteria is dead however instead of looking like this

Our food tends to look like this

Now unless you want to have dyno rod called out to have a look at your arteries before you are 50, I would suggest that you avoid all of the above. There is an alternative to this and it depends on technology 1st invested for the astronauts. Space food, yes freeze dried food that they take up into space. The army has been doing it for years, food that you just add boiling water to and you get a delicious nutritious meal in about 10 mins.

Now you might have eaten boil in the bag food, or have eaten military rations. Well the new stuff is not alike any of that ( then again I understand that the US military rations are good) and it does give you a nutritious meal in minutes. Best of all you can buy in bulk and store them in a mouse proof container on the garage and just grab a pack or 2 when every you want to go. All you need is boiling water and a spoon. The above picture shows my current favourite flavour, venison stew with rice. It is actually really nice and apart from having chunks of meat ( think mince) it also has texture which if I am honest some of the other brands lack. Additionally it doesn’t lack salt, this is one of my biggest bug bears with this kind of food that some of the manufacturers  don’t add salt believing that if you are exerting yourself really hard climbing up Everest you will be controlling that yourself.  Until you realise this it will all taste bland. a word of warning before you gorge yourself on this food, pay attention to the calorific content. The bag above contains 125G of dried food and each 100G gives you roughly 1600 Kcal. This means that there are 2000Kcal in each pack, as an adult human male ( if you are not human you will need to work it out yourself) you only need 2000 Kcal per day so be careful if you eat lots of them.

Anyway get on over to and find a dealer near you or go to your local camping show and see what they have. Other brands also taste good, for example the brand that is for sale in the French chain Decathlon ( Aptonia) are excellent and are available in the UK even on line.

What are you waiting for ?

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