Eating on the bank – follow the astronauts example

What we all dream of eating on the bank

For years when anglers have eaten on the bank they have been reduced to “Anything that fits in a frying pan or cant crawl out of one” or anything that has “pot noodle” on the outside. Both are perfectly acceptable food stuffs ( well apart from “nice and spicy” pot noodles…) but they suffer from either not being complete meals or needing to be stored¬† carefully. I am sure that I am not the only one who on a multi night fishing trip has decided to push some food stuffs expiry date to the limit Diarrhea is nasty when you are near a porcelain loo, a disaster if you are out on the bank.
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Breakfast of champions… very fat ones

Well some of you might know that I have popped over to the land of the free for a quick break. Whilst I was over here I decided that we had to try breakfast at Dennys., wow my arteries started to closeup just entering, you got the impression that there was more fur in the artieries of the patrons than in a cats home.  Anyway it is cheap and tasty.. I have no idea why Americans think that maple syrup goes with any breakfast item. I would like to state, for the record, that bacon with maple syrup is a crime against humanity. The court in the Hague should be involved.

dennys breakfast

just check out the grease, it has 3 types of cheese and mayonaise…. as well as bacon and ham…delicious

I will be mainly in the heart transplant ward for the next few years having my pipes dyno roded.