Amsterdamse Bos Carp kill

It is with a heavy heart that I make this post. Today I was told by a colleague that when she was horse riding through Amsterdamse Bos that she had seen a lot of dead carp,¬† so as I couldn’t get over to the water during the daylight I asked a friend of mine Marcel if he could pop by and see what was up. We knew that there were issues in the water in Amsterdamse bos but not to the extent that greeted Marcel.

Hundreds and hundreds of dead carp. When Marcel popped round to the other part of Bos to check the main pool he was greeted by an even more grizzly sight. What he thought were white birds popping up on the water were carp, bream and other fish dead as far as the eye can see.
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Back From France

Well I am now back from fishing in France, came back a day early. Not the best trip and apart from the company ( Mick) it would have been a complete disaster. As it was it was the worst trip I have ever been on and I would not recommend the venue at all. Certainly the venue is pretty, and apparently contains carp¬† however due to reasons I don’t want to go into here I will not be going back ever. The credit crunch will really affect fisheries that are not professionally run and I fear for this one for this reason. I can summarize my catch in 1 line, possion chat and 1 crucian carp… ( plus a mirror of mid 20’s lost at the net).

All in all a complete waste of money and time and considering what is going on will probably be the last French fishing holiday for this year, what a waste. I will post a full review over in in the foreign venues section.