Back From France

Well I am now back from fishing in France, came back a day early. Not the best trip and apart from the company ( Mick) it would have been a complete disaster. As it was it was the worst trip I have ever been on and I would not recommend the venue at all. Certainly the venue is pretty, and apparently contains carp  however due to reasons I don’t want to go into here I will not be going back ever. The credit crunch will really affect fisheries that are not professionally run and I fear for this one for this reason. I can summarize my catch in 1 line, possion chat and 1 crucian carp… ( plus a mirror of mid 20’s lost at the net).

All in all a complete waste of money and time and considering what is going on will probably be the last French fishing holiday for this year, what a waste. I will post a full review over in in the foreign venues section.

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