Nice Common at 24lbs

Went fishing with a mate from a while ago, Mark who is a Fox/ Mainline man to a super secret fishing spot in Holland. I didn’t know quite what to expect but I had been assured by mark that he had baited up and that he had put plenty of Mainline “pulse” down. Never having used Pulse at all I didn’t know what to expect ( I normally fish CCmoore meteor) but I was pleasantly surprised to small a rich spicy fishmeal bait with plenty of robin red.

session start

well after the start I was 1st off of the mark with a small chub, however this was a small one and the second one was nudging 5lbs, Mark had one that if we had weighed it I suspect it would have gone past the 7lb barrier which as I understand now is fairly good for chub. Continue reading “Nice Common at 24lbs”