The Leatherman Freestyle

Leatherman freestyle

Over the years I have owned quite a few leatherman tools from the wave to the micra and have bought many more as presents for friends and family. I was a little surprised when I came across this little gem in my local outdoors store and as they had it reduced to 32 Euro’s I decided I had to indulge.

What you get is possibly the sleekest and most ( dare I say it ) sexy leatherman I have ever clapped eyes on, in stead of boasting 200+ functions from a bottle opener to a thing for removing stones from horses hooves*. This leatherman contains only the essentials – a decent pair of pliers and a sharp knife. For the leatherman / multi tool owners out there, ask you self this ” how many of the myriad of tools on you r current leatherman do you use….. regularly? ” I think you will be like me and find that the pliers and the knife are by far the most common tools in use.

Opened out the leatherman Freestyle looks like

and is large enough to fit comfortably into your hand. Due to the design I have found it is far more comfortable to use it with the silver handle up wards ( in your palm) and the black handle in your fingers at the bottom. As previously stated leatherman also features a good quality blade

The blade in common with all recent “full size” leatherman tools has a useful locking feature so that you should not loose a finger during use. The blade also has a serrated section that should remain sharp even if the main section has become dulled and if you look to the top of the blade you will see a handy thumb notch meaning that the blade can be extended one handed, useful when you are fishing if you are holding something in one hand and need to hold the knife with the other.

Over all a superb addition to the leatherman stable and instead of trying to add yet more gadgets and gizmo’s to the product they have decided to produce a simple small tool that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Highly recommended.

* Yes I know, they have never shipped a “thing for removing stones from horses hooves”, the tool that people proclaim is for that is actually a tin can opener but the myth prevails.

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