In Praise of Delkim – Again

Some of you may have remembered my post on the Delkim Standard Plus alarms that I posted a while ago and from this you probably gathered that I liked my delks.. well nothing has changed but I now have another reason to like them. Their customer service. A while ago I managed to break one of my delkim hangers, massive run, line got tangled and the hanger took the brunt of the strike. It wasn’t a happy delkim hanger..

So I contacted Delkim expecting to be given the 3rd degree, expecting to be asked for a reciept to prove it was in warranty. Well I wasn’t which was lucky as the best I can remember was that I bought the hanger from a shop at the Zwolle carp show in Holland sometime earlier this year. Anyway after mailing them I was told to complete the RMA form here and post it back to them. This I did and got a mail telling me that it would take 10 working days to resolve the issue and that payment may be due. Well after 6 working days I am not the proud owner of a fixed ( well it looks brand new) delkim hanger.

Well done Delkim, often you hear horror stories about bad customer service, well this is not one of them. Superb product and backed up by a good solid service department and they even have online integration of the repairs process.

Why cant other manufacturers be like this ? don’t tell me to go back to the shop ( I am talking about <redacted>, yes you..) as I may not even remember which one it was and after a week I pretty much never have the receipt any way ( hey I am a man) I want to go back to the manufacturer and cut out the middle man.

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