Delkim Standard Plus long term review

It has been a long time since I used a Heron style alarm, and recently ( whilst clearing through the loft) i found one of my old bite alarms. I marvelled at the technology that we used to use which in those days was, in effect, little more than a bent wire, a resistor, LED and buzzer. How things have changed. When I was a kid I remember opening a Christmas present one year to find a pair of Optonic bite alarms and being so proud and certain that I was going to catch more fish, alas it was not to be πŸ™‚ the alarms don’t catch the fish the angler does. Still try telling that to an 11 year old.
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Eating on the bank part 2 – dried food ahead

As a followup to the last bit of culinary advice I gave, I thought I would do a followup. Whilst I appreciate that if you are doing a long carp session such as a week in France ( or even 5 years) you might want to eat fresh food, for a quick overnighter freeze dried food cant be beaten. Then again our troops exist on these kinds of foods for months at a time and they seem to be doing perfectly fine. Anyway lets look at the food stuffs on the menu, we have 3 freeze dried foods and 1 boil in the bag / reheat. Continue reading “Eating on the bank part 2 – dried food ahead”

Korda Krusha review

It has been a while since I did a review and so I thought I would take a quick look at an item of tackle that has really made my fishing easier, the korda krusha. Many of you may know that I love PVA bags almost every time I cast there is a bag or pva stick on the end as not only does it increase attraction it also protects your hook point and ensures that you hook is not masked by weed or chod.

Due to the above I really love making up stick mixes but disliked crumbing boilies. Whilst you can fish a stick mix that is completely different to your boilie I do like to ensure that there is a healthy amount of crumbled boilie in the stick as well. Depending on how hard your boilies are this can be done with your fingers but after 10-15 boilies you hands will quickly tire. In the past I used to prepare in the kitchen the night before with the blender but this can be problematic as you never know how much boilie crumb you might need.

Enter the Krusha !
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The original CV safety rig

CV safety carp rig

Well after a previous post indicating how to make the “CV Safety Rig” with lead core I thought I would show you how it was meant to look. As I have now found a reliable source for “the bit” ( the black piece of curved metal in the pic above) I though I would make one up to show you all how it should look. Come back later for an in depth look at how to make one of these rigs from the components.

Note that this is the only time is it acceptable to super glue a bead to lead core, and if you make one from the picture above note that you only superglue the bottom bead. The top bead should be free to move and should slide freely over the join from leadcore to your mainline.

Barbed hooks versus barbless hooks – which one is better for carp fishing

This is a subject which has been debated for many years and both barbed and barbless hooks certainly have their place in modern carp fishing. I believe that on the majority of waters and in the majority of angling situations, barbless hooks are better for the carp. Most fisheries these days have a rule governing the type of hooks that are allowed, I would say that the majority of waters have a barbless only rule, but some still rule in favour of barbed hooks – which is correct ?

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Guest Blogger !

Some of you may have noticed the odd comment on my blog from Jon Perkins who runs the site as Jon always has an interesting opinion I have asked him if he has any thoughts that he wanted to post here as a discussion article and to my delight Jon has agreed. So in the future look out for posts from Jon as he always has an interesting point to make and will make a valuable contribution to the site.

Welcome aboard Jon !

CV Safety rig, the best way to make a leadcore helicopter rig

Preamble,Β  I originally wrote this for Spiegel magazine last year and it was archieved in the articles section, however looking at my hits I can see that no one was able to find it so I thought I would recreate here as a post so that people can find it.

Introduction – CV Safety Rig
Please note I am not the originator of this rig, I am merely someone who cares about fish safety and wants to get the knowledge out to people that there are safer ways to fish leadcore helicopter rigs. On some of the lakes I fish I have seen some horrible contraptions all under the banner of helicopter rigs.
There are some disadvantages to this rig. Unlike the original CV safety rig, which used a piece of metal called β€œthe bit” which was free to rotate around the lead core, and allow the hook link to spin ( hence the name helicopter rig), this is impossible with this setup. I have not, however, had tangle issues so far so I am not sure if it is worth investigating incorporating a piece of wire into this setup. I have found a source of the original “CV Bits” ( called rather helpfully – the bit ) from Harefield tackle the originator of the “CV” or Colne Valley brand. Check back here for a follow-up article on a rig using “the bit” and recreating a bit of history πŸ™‚
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