Piking on the river colne – in the snow

Fishing the river colne in the snow

Just a quick session report and this time it actually contains fish !

As the lakes are frozen I decided to do a quick session on the river colne, part of the Mets / Thorney Weir complex. End result was 5 pike all on lures, I really tried with dead baits ( lamprey) but sadly nothing. The winning lure was a plain white shad with stinger ( click here to see how to set up a stinger)fished fairly fast over the middle of the river. All the takes came after the sun peeked through the clouds obviously spurring the pike into feeding.

None of the pike were any size but it was just really good to get out and get fishing for them and as I was staying mobile it wasn’t all that cold either.

Any way will be back soon, just as soon as the melt water has passed through.

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