New Personal Best

Just back from a superb trip to France arranged by Ron from the fishing ship in Uithorne, tired but very happy would be by comment. Went with some of the best, funniest people I have ever met. They really tried to make me feel welcome and a great time was had by all. Final tally for me was 21 carp, 2 bream and a pike and many roach and rudd ( err yes 🙂 )

Any way crowning achievement for my was a new PB of 39lb’s ( UK lbs in case anyone thinks I have gone native with Dutch pounds) which was sadly taken at night ( as were 99% of all of my fish) so you can’t really see the full glory of the shots. Fish was taken on the ever reliable CCmoore Meteor tipped with a strawberry hell raiser dumbbell popup. I will post a full blog article later but for now here is the pic


Successful session at Bosbaan

Just back from a successful session at the bosbaan, was meant to be a 2 day session but after catching 7 carp through the night topped by a 21lb mirror I decided to cut it short. For a weekend the baan was very quiet and even the rowers were strangely absent.

Anyway all fish were on CCmoore Meteor with a small stick of meteor and milkimin pellet complimenting the presentation,

baan-21trust me it did weigh 21, but sometimes it is the way you hold them 🙂

Something Profound

For those of you who are not familiar with the writings of Chris Yates, he is not only one of the best anglers around but also one of the most compelling writers that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Every word has been chosen, every phrase carefully hones for maximum impact. his writings are a joy to read and a joy to read slowly, savoring every word, every phrase every nuance to extract the complete meaning. Anyway I was reading “The Secret Carp” and I came across the following text :

Naturally any angler desires to catch a fish, but so much poppycock is written about “success” and the mindless striving for “results” that people forget about the more essential quality, enjoyment. It does not matter where you fish, what tackle you use, what bait you choose or whether you wear a tweed hat or a traffic cone; if you enjoy your fishing, if you can find interest or adventure or peace of mind then you have succeeded.

Never a truer word spoken. We often loose sight of what it means to fish that we are meant to be enjoying it, doesnt matter if you are catching or not catching you have to enjoy it.