Flurocarbon rigs – the ultimate in simplicity

Fluorocarbon, when it was first released to the angling community several years ago it suffered from many issues namely that it was brittle and super stiff. The brittleness was resolved but the stiffness remained. Recently Fox released their new product, Illusion soft fluorocarbon and i am pleased to say that stiffness in fluorocarbon hook links is a thing of the past. The hook link is softer and more supple and like all fluorocarbons is practically invisible in water as it is a refractive index close to that of water. Some anglers mistakenly fish with red coloured lines believing that as red is the first colour to disappear the deeper you go that their red lines are therefore “invisible”, the anglers who know a thing or two use fluorocarbon as it truly is invisible.

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The evolution of a rig – the big pig line aligner rig

Let me begin this article by stating, for the record, that there is no original thought in this rig. This is not to denigrate the article or my thinking in the 1st line but there is very little “original thinking” in 99% of carp rigs today. Almost all carp rigs are just an evolution on someone else’s ideas or are designed to encourage people to buy more rig components. The main exceptions to this in recent years ( after the hair rig) have been the Drig, the Chod rig the combi rig ( and coated braid ) and the now ( thankfully) banned “bent hook” rig. There have possibly been more but these are the ones that I can think of and the ones that I use or have used on occasion.

This rig is the product of several years of thinking and would not have been possible with out ” a little help from my friends”. To explain, earlier in 2009 I was a little annoyed that I couldn’t get a good hook hold which was strange as when I 1st started to use long shanked hooks that is all I got but over time I managed to migrate to short hairs and stiff flurocarbon and the hook holds got poorer and poorer. Then a chance discussion with a mate ( who is sponsored) and an impromptu rig clinic on the bank and I was set straight. later in the year whilst on a fishing holiday I had the chance to have a good look at a mates rigs and ( with his permission) incorporate a good chunk of what he was doing into my rig design.  Not only did catch rates improve but also losses decreased which was crucial at the time due to the hard fighting nature of the fishing the lake.
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Review – Fox Horizon SFD rods

Well some of you may know that I was unhappy with my rods, don’t get me wrong they were fine rods but 2 3/4 lb tc middle / tip action rods were not actually cutting it where I was fishing. I have lightweight rods in my stalking kit so I decided that to go with my new Fox 12k reels ( well not so new now) what better than a set of Fox rods. I had the advantage of a “try before you buy” when I met up with Mark for a quick session earlier in the year and I was very impressed. So armed with this knowledge I bought myself a 3 some of rods off of the Internet.

When the rods arrived it was like Xmas and I couldn’t wait to get on the bank with them, I popped out to Bosbaan for a quick session in August. Well I was noting but impressed. As you can not loose feed in the lake I tend to fish with largish PVA bags or sticks. This used to present an issue to my previous rods as they lacked the backbone to really punch out a 3 Oz lead and bag. Not so with the Fox rods, they load up nice and slow and release all that power exactly where you want them. Some of the casts in the lake are 85-90 yards and with a big bag it is a difficult cast. Sure, anyone can punch a single hook bait out to 150 yards but add a bag and you really sort out the pack. Continue reading “Review – Fox Horizon SFD rods”

Something Profound

For those of you who are not familiar with the writings of Chris Yates, he is not only one of the best anglers around but also one of the most compelling writers that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Every word has been chosen, every phrase carefully hones for maximum impact. his writings are a joy to read and a joy to read slowly, savoring every word, every phrase every nuance to extract the complete meaning. Anyway I was reading “The Secret Carp” and I came across the following text :

Naturally any angler desires to catch a fish, but so much poppycock is written about “success” and the mindless striving for “results” that people forget about the more essential quality, enjoyment. It does not matter where you fish, what tackle you use, what bait you choose or whether you wear a tweed hat or a traffic cone; if you enjoy your fishing, if you can find interest or adventure or peace of mind then you have succeeded.

Never a truer word spoken. We often loose sight of what it means to fish that we are meant to be enjoying it, doesnt matter if you are catching or not catching you have to enjoy it.

Nice Common at 24lbs

Went fishing with a mate from a while ago, Mark who is a Fox/ Mainline man to a super secret fishing spot in Holland. I didn’t know quite what to expect but I had been assured by mark that he had baited up and that he had put plenty of Mainline “pulse” down. Never having used Pulse at all I didn’t know what to expect ( I normally fish CCmoore meteor) but I was pleasantly surprised to small a rich spicy fishmeal bait with plenty of robin red.

session start

well after the start I was 1st off of the mark with a small chub, however this was a small one and the second one was nudging 5lbs, Mark had one that if we had weighed it I suspect it would have gone past the 7lb barrier which as I understand now is fairly good for chub. Continue reading “Nice Common at 24lbs”

Big for the banana

Just back from the bosbaan, again fishing the banana as the main lake is closed due to the rowing, power boating etc etc

Any way CCMoore Meteor did the business again.. honestly it is the best and most consistent bait I have ever used. Fishing over a bed of Meteor pellet and 10mm boillies with 20 mm boillies on the hook to deter the bream. The crowning glory was this 24 lb almost fully scaled mirror as well as 6 others.

IMG_1082I am exhausted but happy