Back From France

Well I am now back from fishing in France, came back a day early. Not the best trip and apart from the company ( Mick) it would have been a complete disaster. As it was it was the worst trip I have ever been on and I would not recommend the venue at all. Certainly the venue is pretty, and apparently contains carp  however due to reasons I don’t want to go into here I will not be going back ever. The credit crunch will really affect fisheries that are not professionally run and I fear for this one for this reason. I can summarize my catch in 1 line, possion chat and 1 crucian carp… ( plus a mirror of mid 20’s lost at the net).

All in all a complete waste of money and time and considering what is going on will probably be the last French fishing holiday for this year, what a waste. I will post a full review over in in the foreign venues section.

Off to France

Well it is almost time to be off to France, after last year at Abbey Lakes we decided to go a little further for this year. Eventually we chose Etang Gallet from Boysaway Carping. Apart from distance from Amsterdam ( it is a little far) it fits all the criteria we had. Another plus is that we probably will be the only anglers on the complex which means easy swim moves.  Another thing it has going for it is Zander and Black bass, I have never caught a Zander and Micks doesnt count :o) so this will be an experience for both of us and I am looking forwards to that style of fishing almost as much as the carp.

Anyway we are off in the next day or so and apart from some blogging from the bivvi ( there is wlan access) it will be silent for a while.

New Lapdog

A visit to the land of bad food and bad weather ( London) can only mean 1 thing… new laptop. Was thinking about replacing my ailing EEEPC 701 for a while and after a mail on a certain mailing list I decided to go for a Samsung NC10. Really happy, it is the sub-notebook I always wanted and all for £335 on Tottenham Court Road.

TCR is really quiet at the moment, you can really see that the economic slow down is starting to bite.. the shops are empty with staff just hanging around. Not that there are spectacular bargains to be had as they don’t seem to be interested. Oh well their loss.

The world’s smallest Zander

Some of you might know that I really want to break my zander duck this year. Never managed to catch one, have caught loads of pike and perch ( many whilst Zander fishing) but so far no such luck. A mate of mine also has the same issue and today whilst out carp fishing managed to catch his 1st Zander…


When questioned if that zander counted his response was ” well is is 100% more Zander than you have caught”, good point :o)

Oh well the quest will contine now that I know that there are at least 2 other zander in that water. I will catch one !

At last !

Back from a quick trip to Bosbaan, 4 carp 10+ bream all on ccmoore meteor + a strawberry dumbell popup fished snowman style. Put out a lot of maggots + stickmix and managed to get them on the feed. Had a lead about and discovered that all this rubbish that the Bosbaan is just flat featureless clay pit is rubbish. Yes the water is of a fairly even depth throughout but there are mussel beds, muddy patches  and other underwater features that do hold carp. I think that in stead of fishing a roving approach I will find a mussel bed, put out a marker and bait it heavily and see what happens the next time.


Weather this weekend was also strange. Superb Friday, wet and immensely cold Saturday and a lovely warm Sunday. Oh well at least there was a carp or 2 :o)


Maggot Doom!

well later on today I will find out if maggots really will turn around a 2 day session into a productive session. We have picked a productive water with little natural food so we should be on for it. Had a 3 hr session mid week and all I managed were bream. Here is a tip for you, never go carping with scopex flavoured sweet corn…

Anyway rigs for tomorrow will look like


For the how to see my articles section in the next week or so

Fill it with Maggots !

Well after managing to blank last weekend I am determined to catch next weekend.  I have decided to use the technique known as “fill it with maggots” I have ordered 10L of maggots ( yes that is 10 Liters) for the grand sum of 55 Eur, expensive but not an impossible amount. Myself and Mick will also fish Bosbaan where there is always a chance of a take or 2. I believe that if we fish with 5L per day each we will create a feeding frenzy of epic proportions… either that or a maggot drowning incident of titanic like proportions. Oh well it will be fun fun :o)

The rigs I plan to use will be leadcore with an inline lead. I will set this up helecopter style with the inline inner rubber section chopped back. The swivel at the end of the lead core will have a Korda running lead clip attached. Through this the knot of the PVA bag will be trapped. The rig will then be hooked into the outer section of the PVA bag.

It will be either an epic catch or an epic bream catch, i know that i will be using crushed barb hooks to allow me to unhook anything in the margins if needed.


Winter colours

Often you will see in articles discussions about how it is lovely to catch carp in ” their winter colours” with the author seeming to suggest that carp change colour in the winter (Photoperiodicity ).  A brief google seems to show this as rubbish, however does any one have an evidence that carp can effectively change their colour depending on season ? is it just that the winter sun highlights  subtly different tones on the carp’s scales ? I have to say that my personal opinion is that carp do not possess the ability to change colour whether in the winter or in the summer, they lack the mechanics in their bodies to accomplish this .  Oh well another angling myth.

What do you think ?

Robson Green

I don’t know if many of you have seen the program ” extreme fishing” with Robson Green on 5 ? well I will save you the hassle. The program is rubbish showing an incredibly inexperienced fisherman ham fistedly killing his way around the globe. To make matters worse he recently ( on BBC Breakfast ) stated that he “didn’t see the point of returning fish as 9 out of 10 of them die when released back”. This is rubbish and more importantly, dangerous rubbish. 9 out of 10 fish do not die after being released back if they did then fisheries would be decimated. By spouting this idiocy and the BBC by going him a platform from which to misinform the public, they are creating the impression that anglers kill a huge amount of what they catch.

What an idiot and more importantly what a dangerous idiot.  If you saw it and you feel as strongly as I do register your displeasure with the BBC here remember that the person reading the complaint is in no way connected to the program so be polite and to the point.

Beginners – is this what we have come to ?

Just back from a 2 day camping trip by the lake, so tranquil that it is not interrupted by a carp….  😦  Oh well

Anyway, there were some guys in the next swim to me who had just started carp fishing 1 month ago. They were asking loads of questions and me being me I had no probs in sitting there and running through different rigs etc why to use back leads how to fish silt. We sit there chatting for a while in “the Q’s carp clinic”  😀  and one of them says he needs to recast. The kit they have looks like handme downs but perfectly up to the job, if a bit missmatched in my tackle tart eyes. What did amaze me is that in stead of recasting the guy gets his bait boat out and drives the rig about 70 yards…. I asked them why they had a bait boat and they just thought it was what carp anglers use….

I have no problems with bait boats ( mine is on order and here in May) but I would have spent the money on an unhooking mat, reels with a bait runner and end tackle before buying a boat.

Oh well is this what we have turned into ?